This blog is not trigger safe. I want you to know this going in. It is not politically correct and it is not sensitive to anyone’s feelings. There will be frank discussion of childhood sexual abuse, shitty human behavior, medical trauma, failing bodies and various other disturbances. While many writers have the privilege of choosing to leave these things on the cutting room floor, I do not. They are so intertwined with the limitations that define my every day life that to attempt avoidance of these topics would be to erase myself: and I wish to stay present.


I want you to be aware. If you are in a challenging emotional state, this may not be the best place for you at this time. If you have just lost someone, are in the new emergency phase of working through past trauma, or tend to become deeply affected by heavy content then you will want to make a decision that is healthy for you.


My writing style is reflective of my cognition and my spirit. There is extreme trauma, humor, anger, hope, pain, loss, strength, joy, grief, art, and beauty – existing in the form of raw narrative splashed throughout these pages. As in life, so in my writing – all of these elements are inseperable from each other for they make a whole life. There are no walls here.


If you choose to come in, please monitor the way that you feel. My writings are truthful, humorous, explicit and angry. You will be uncomfortable at times but your mind will open up in ways you had not considered before. You may find some answers here. You may find validation. Your beliefs about the world may be challenged. If you live a standardly abled life, you may see yourself through my eyes and it may be unflattering. If you are growing and benefiting from my content, then please stay and read as much as you like. If, however, consuming my content makes you feel just plain awful – then I would urge you to trust that feeling and take care of yourself by leaving.


Some people find that my rawness and my willful emotional vulnerability help them be more honest with themselves and therefore promote healing. But to other people, my content will be absolutely hazardous. Please take care to assess yourself as you read and make decisions that will benefit you the most.


the MADcripple