Able Bodied DickHole

Able bodied piece of shit. Take a moment to digest that phrase.. because you will be hearing it a lot. Do you feel a pang in your chest as you read it? Do you feel a bit of panic and the urge to run away from this blog and move on with your able bodied day?

You could do that.

After all – that is what most able bodied people choose to do when confronted with disabled anger while immersed in the face to face world. Not only have you run away from our anger you have run away from our struggles, our vulnerabilities, the rawness of the experience. Many times you have run away – even if, physically, you stay. Read my article about STOPPER comments for more information.

I don’t judge you any more.

You may click on the button below labeled ‘ABANDON THE CRIPPLE AND MOVE ON WITH MY DAY!!!!!’ No one is looking. No one will see. You are much too busy living the fabulous able bodied life that you take for granted to really invest much in the musings of an angry cripple. If you are really and truly brutally honest with yourself right now – you know that you probably don’t actually care that much about delving into my experience and struggles – my life story – purely for the sake of comforting me and helping me be heard. That’s ok. I know you much better than you know yourself.

Bullshit. You’re thinking… a small smirk creeping across your smug face as your eyes involuntarily flick to one side. No one really knows me. And while I agree that your spouse doesn’t know you, your kids don’t know you, your colleagues don’t know you, and your parents don’t know you. I know you.

Who am I?

I have lived 39 years of life loafing about on the floor or on the sofa with a front row seat to the theatre that is able bodied life. You know how your cat or dog always seems to know that you’re going on vacation before you even start to think about packing a suitcase? That’s because while your whole self is engaged in the activity of managing your life moment to moment that cute obnoxious little fuzzy is lounging about with nothing better to occupy it’s mind than your daily performances. It doesn’t have autonomy over its own life or its own affairs. It is confined to an environment that it cannot escape from and it is surrounded by other living things that, loved though they are, never really bring it into the action as an equal. It cannot read books or go start an etsy store or have lengthy talks with the humans in the household about its feelings. So it watches.

Your cat (or dog) knows you. It sees you the way no one else can – in those moments you felt were private – it was there. It sees things you think no one sees- fleeting facial expressions that betray your feelings. It sees what is on your mind. It understands your motives. And, if it is a singular cat or dog, it has had a lifetime of cultural and language isolation in which to immerse itself in its own thoughts about what it sees. That is why it knows you better than you know yourself. And that is why I know you better than you know yourself.

If you stay and have a read here at my blog you will not just be doing your civic duty as an able bodied person to ‘try and walk in someone elses shoes’ for a day. You will laugh at yourself, you will laugh at your fellow humans, and you will learn a lot about everyone in your environment along the way. I used to think that my writings depicted a life lived in social and at times physical isolation. And they do. But more importantly they depict the rich and full world with all its insanity and complexities viewed thoughtfully and humorously through the introspective lens that isolation and my particular type of debility provides.

So suck it up, grow and able bodied pair.  And stay.